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Two dreamers,
One House

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From the beginning ...

An interior architect by trade, Jan-Willem couldn't find 100% responsibly made, contemporary furniture in his new hometown of Munich, Germany. 

So the Dutch native started One House with his partner Katharina in 2014 to curate and create interior products for themselves and fellow design lovers.

Since then, the duo has successfully opened a flagship store in the heart of Munich, helped many customers upgrade their interior designs as well as outfitted new apartment buildings in places such as Berlin, Amsterdam and Zurich.

But that's just the beginning. Together with their growing team, Jan-Willem and Katharina are continuously pushing new frontiers to challenge the status quo of contemporary furniture design. In that spirit, they set out in 2016 to create the perfect sofa collection, 100% hand-made in Germany.

Two years later they were able to launch the first sofa Meester. A hand-crafted modular sofa that is finely made by German upholstery experts with 30+ years of experience. 

The whole One House team is looking forward to creating more quality sustainable furniture in the future and to make customers feel good at home.


“We feel very happy creating products for customers' homes that are made from the finest materials. Making people feel good at home through interior design improves their quality of life and will always be our main focus.”