Baarn dining table

Bring character into your home with our solid oak dining table. It’s natural edges has been kept to preserve all uniqueness each tree can give. The origin of the oak used for Baarn are locally sourced and made carefully by hand in Germany.
Baarn is a true stand-out in any home for gathering family and friends.


Our heart beats for true character with natural forms, something that only nature can create. The Baarn table is truly unique and a real stand out in any interior.

Made in Germany

Together with our carpentry experts, we have developed a design table with a tree edge, which is produced by hand from local woods. The entire production of the Baarn dining tables takes place exclusively in Germany.


The table top is made of solid oak. We select oak with rustic grain, so each table is unique. For the long sides of the table we leave the natural form of the tree. The short sides are straight with all edges smooth sanded.


T-profile steel legs

The oak table top rests on a solid steel T-profile frame that is kept to a minimum. The frames are placed harmoniously on the inner side of the table and are attached with steel bolts. Special oil is used for smoothening the raw steel and preserving its main character.

Oak wood planks

Our table tops are made of several solid oak wood planks. The number of planks depends on the length and width of the respective table. In general, we use up to 7 planks for one plate.


We attach great importance to producing locally and environmentally friendly as well as to deal responsibly with our natural resources.



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