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Second Story

At One House, we do believe that it is possible to responsibly and sustainably produce furniture in Germany, to keep material sourcing close to home and to avoid oversea imports. We put great effort in reducing waste and to design furniture that is long lasting and actually repairable, if needed.

But even then we do sometimes have left over items and single pieces not needed anymore. There are wrongly ordered modules, sofas with fabric irregularities, wooden tables with scratches from delivery, prototypes and of course samples we were showcasing in trade fairs and showrooms. 

With our new category SECOND STORY we bring those items back to life. We clean them, we repair them and we make sure that they will find a new home with a happy customer. 

Second Story products are not less beneficial for customers, they have the same quality and fulfill all standards. They just have been previously used. They are ready to be shipped right away to make a new customer happy.

This is your chance to get a good bargain on single items and pre-loved high quality One House furniture. Maybe it is what you’ve been looking for a long time.

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Iconic Awards 2023 und German Design Award 2023

Iconic Awards 2023 und German Design Award 2023

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