English Comfort

Long before comfort at home was a widely known term, our English neighbours knew exactly how to achieve that special feeling! Finest textiles that have their own sense of softness, combined with the sense for Dutch design are the base for the signature One House Cushion Collection. It’s a great way of giving your home that extra coziness and adds a layer off right-fullness. Play around with different patterns to keep it interesting!



Our take on classic stripes, twisted a few degrees for that fun factor we love. The result? A look that's fresh and familiar, all at the same time.


Newport cross

An instant classic that will bring a touch of travel to any room - we love adding patterns to the mix, and this eye-catching cross look is perfect for just that!


Hudson dark grey

This clean designed pillow adds a darker touch compared to the light version. The classic fabric can easily be used by itself or mixed with more playful designs and other color schemes.


Regatta stripes

Simple blocks of stripes give the pillow distinction while remaining a versatile and classic addition to your collection.



While grey and ivory are always classic, the pillow’s weave represents a new take on ticking stripes. Its understated texture adds even more visual interest to any sofa or bed.


Hudson light grey

This minimalist pillow offers a timeless, curated feel to your home. The clean, classic fabric can stand alone or be versatile enough to mix and match with nearly any color scheme.


Hayes stripes

This truly marks the perfect stripe - pairs well with everything! Trust us, we've tried it in our store.


The Explorers

Much like their English counterparts, the Dutch have always travelled the world and thereby discovered many hidden places that inspired this new series. The earthy colors blend in well in any environment and add a natural touch to your sofa or chair. Designed to be mixed and matched, this cushion range offers a refreshing splash of subtle color and playfulness to your room.


Roman pale

Monumental buildings and arenas of the Romans influenced the design of this classic earthy color. The cushion’s fabric impresses with a soft and natural look.



Inspired by the native earth pigment, our Ochre cushion helps to set the right mood in any living room. Its inviting and friendly color provides a fresh spin on an all-time classic.



This soft cushion is a pleasant reminder of Tuscany’s golden hour. Let your hair down and enjoy a moment of rest on our easy to clean fabric.



Named after the Tawny port wines, this cushion mimics the color of red grapes and loosens up the environment with a relaxed vibe.



Drawing on nature’s finest, this color was inspired by the English countryside. The neural and relaxing color offers a comfortable environment.



Similar to the iconic bug, Beetle cushions can shine in any environment thanks to their inviting and fresh combination that can be easily mixed with patterns and other colors.



This luxurious and classic fabric with its olive color and subtle texture is an all time favourite. Sherlock boasts an eclecticism-inspired design with a calming color palette.