In love with fabrics.

Quality lies in the materials. There’s a certain feel, look and sensation that can’t be replicated. Every material has its own characteristics and behaviour after covering a sofa for many years. We have chosen all of these fabrics for their very own quality texture and assure that they are a perfect match on every One House furniture - no matter what you choose.


Natural fibers

If you wish to go for an all natural product we offer a wide range of natural (cotton/linen) fabrics. These fabrics are very durable with results of 50,000 or higher in the Martindale test (measure of the durability of a fabric).

care free

Besides the natural fiber collection we offer a rather care free solution for those that like their fabric to be tougher. The synthetic but still soft surface is more resistant to stains and easy to clean. We recommend it for families with kids and pets.


Carefully selected leathers

We are proud to offer ecological mineral tanned leather from central Europe and Southern German bull-hides. It is a premium material that even improves further with use. Our German leather manufacturer is one of the leading European producers of leather and is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact along every production stage.


Material swatches