In addition to our ONE HOUSE collection we offer carefully selected brands that complement our own products. At the showroom in Munich you can have a look at these products and purchase directly to take away or to deliver to your home. Some products are made to order as we would like to give you the widest range of options possible.

As we are always discovering new trends, cool brands and innovative startups, our selection varies from time to time. So there is always a reason to come visit and see what’s new.

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Jess design

We have all seen a little too much of white fibre glass and plastic armchairs. These awesome steel frame chairs from Jess design are a perfect match to our oak dining table. Real leather, mineral tanned and produced in The Netherlands. You can choose from 3 different styles and it is even possible to get a whole bench.


Tom Hegen

German photographer Tom Hegen has been capturing the astonishing aerial landscapes influenced by humans for several years. We are proud to offer stunning, surreal and abstract aerial perspectives from Tom Hegen exclusively in our showroom in different sizes and framing.



Perletta carpets are so great to work with. Amazing materials, perfect quality and endless options to create your own island within your living room. No matter if you want it small and round or large and in a square size, everything is possible. All carpets are made to order and you can choose the colours that should be included. But most importantly - it walks best when you are barefoot!

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Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a world renowned Danish brand and we are huge fans, too. Carefully curated items are available at our store. Especially lamps and chairs are what we think fits best to our ONE HOUSE collection. High quality Nordic products that complement our warm and soft collection.


Cuero design

THIS IS THE REAL ONE. Even though there are a lot of replicas out there, we offer you the real Mariposa Butterfly Chair. A timeless classic lounge chair that is available in different leather colours. It only gets more beautiful the longer you have it and the more often you use it. This one is made to last generations and to be passed on.

Klippan-yllefabrik copy.jpg

Klippan Yllefabrik

We fell in love with these products and the story from the very first time we met them at a trade fair. The Klippan Yllefabrik AB was founded in 1879. The philosophy is to pair Swedish design with a long tradition of textile knowledge. You can feel that in every throw and we are very proud that we can offer you selected items right in our store to take home directly.


Stoned marble

Why not supporting startups that make great products? Not only because of our Dutch heritage we love to offer this amazing marble collection. Stoned marble cheese platters give just the right twist in serving your food and are a perfect contrast on wooden tables. Add some style to your home and follow the marble trend with us. By the way, this is also a perfect gift for interior lovers.



At ONE HOUSE we only offer products we 100% believe in. TON is clearly one of them. In 1861, a bent wood furniture plant was opened in Bystřice pod Hostýnem and today it is among the oldest in the world. Its founder was Michel Thonet who named the company after himself. After the transformation of the political situation in the Czech Republic in 1989, the organisational structure was changed and the company became a state-owned enterprise. Since 1994, TON has been a joint stock company. The chairs are hand made and hence best quality we need to share with you.



Summer or Winter, natural sheep skins are always welcome in our home. Different colours and natural shapes make this product unique in itself. It can be placed on chairs, added to a sofa or serve as the comfy corner for your pet - the usage is flexible. Right from the start of ONE HOUSE we sold them throughout the years and never got tired of them. From Australia to Ireland and Germany, all sheep skins are cleaned and smell neutralized but not chemically coloured. Come by and see which ones we have on stock at the moment.



We just recently discovered TREKU, a great Spanish furnishing company we are very proud to work with. The name ‘Treku’ comes from the Basque surname Aldabaldetreku. Today, the company is run by the third generation family members. Their lounge tables are available in different sizes and colours to perfectly match your interior space and design.


HK living

One of our all-time favorites is HKliving. The Dutch interior brand was founded by Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver. The initials of both their last names have been used to create the brand name. At the base HKliving creates accessible collections with products inspired by traditional and useable designs while respecting its history, but always to give it a modern look and feel. They are widely known for their eye catching industrial lamps.



For twenty years the Belgian brand Ethnicraft has been creating authentic, contemporary and timeless furniture from solid wood. We love their versatile designs which associate well with different styles, while their solid oak wood is strong and ages incredibly well with time. If you’re looking for sideboards, tv consoles, bedside tables or coffee tables, Ethnicraft is the brand to choose. Their fast shipping times are the icing on the cake.



Dutch up-and-coming brand Tonone was founded in 2013 by Anton de Groof and is based in The Netherlands. Their fascination for traditional mechanics and craft tools was seemingly incorporated into their state-of-the art lamp design. Tonone stands for bold, functional and no-nonsense products with an industrial character and is on the verge of becoming a design icon even with its young company history. Their signature Bolt series represents a modern take on the classic industrial style lamps.


Creative Cables

Creative Cables is a young company based in Torino, in the north west region of Piemonte. Their original background is in the production of fabric cables and they are also offering icon lamps for great atmosphere as well. Copper finishings add an extra level of style to these versatile lamps and brighten every room with their unique look and design.



Plaank is another young Dutch brand we love to work with. They produce great quality solid oak serving boards in a social workshop in Almelo and use recycled wood from fallen trees or byproducts from preventive tree pruning from the local region. Their approach perfectly aligns with our values of focusing on sustainable business practices and hence, they never source wood from production forests. Choose their eye catching serving boards for tapas or cheese and meat platters.