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Fabric collection

We at One House firmly believe that sofa fabrics can not only be beautiful and aesthetic but also uncomplicated. No one wants to worry about whether the coffee stain will ever come out, if children's fingerprints will leave marks, or if pets will leave their mark on the upholstery. Therefore, our fabric collection is absolutely easy to care for and stain-resistant, without compromising on comfort and softness.


Soft surface


Flame retardant

Easy cleaning

Category A

Nantes Linen Chalk

Category A

Nantes Grey Chine

Category A

Nantes Carbon Sky

Category A

Nantes Amber

Category A

Nantes Sooty

Category B

Heritage Papyrus

Category B

Heritage Moss

Category B

Heritage Leaf

Category B

Heritage Rust

Category B

Heritage Indigo

Category B

Savant Whisper

Category B

Savant Nimbus

Category B

Savant Zinc

Category B


Category C

Arc Frame

Category C

Arc Concrete

Category C

Arc Lead

Category C

Arc Oxide

Category C

Loop Marble

Category C

Loop Charcoal

Category C

Loop Shadow

Silstone Collection

Silestone is a high-quality alternative to traditional marble, composed of minerals, quartz, and recycled glass. It is sustainably produced, completely stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and adds luxury and elegance to interior spaces.*

Silestone Marquina

*Please note that the patterns shown are examples only. The actual grain of the tables may vary.

Mod Collection

The Mod collection is a luxurious soft-Saxony carpet that adds a special charm to any interior with its tangible quality, making you feel like you're walking on clouds. It is elegantly finished all around with a narrow, 1cm-wide carpet edge. This piping prevents fraying of the seams and ensures both aesthetics and functionality.

Mod Salt

Mod Silk

Mod Brick

Mod Tundra

Mod Ash

Wood Samples

The European oak woods used for the Hoogland side tables are 26mm thick and feature a natural grain pattern. This makes each Hoogland side table unique and a custom-made piece.

Eiche Muster Milk

Oak Sample Milk

Eiche Muster Oat

Oak Sample Oat

Eiche Muster Natur

Oak Sample Natur

Eiche Muster Honey

Oak Sample Honey

Eiche Muster Cinnamon

Oak Sample Cinnamon

Eiche Muster Espresso

Oak Sample Espresso

* Please note that the samples provided are only examples. The actual grain pattern of the tables may vary.