Violan placemat

Placemat made from Violan are a great choice. They have a fine wool touch, easy to maintain and are washable.

Violan is a purely herbal material made from fast growing renewable resources, sustainably procured and finished in Germany in environmentally friendly processes that are in accordance with latest technical standards.

The quality of Violan is equal to that of a fine wool felt, and indeed it looks and feels like wool felt, but it is totally free from constituents of animal origin. It is biologically degradable and absolutely non-toxic.

Violan is machine-washable at 30 °C. Please wash with similar colours, use the wool cycle and a mild detergent. Don’t let the products spin but spread them out for drying.

Material: Violan
Size square: 40x40cm
Size eames: 40cmx39cm


Anthracite Brown Grey