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Sofa Tray

Sale price€99,00 EUR
Sofort LieferbarNeu
Functionality meets aesthetics. When comfortably seated on the sofa, sometimes even reaching the coffee table feels too far. Our sofa tray is the perfect addition to your Meester Sofa, serving excellently as a surface for everything from your coffee cup to the remote control.
Sofa Tray
Sofa Tray Sale price€99,00 EUR

"Eine funktionale und ästhetisch anspruchsvolle Ergänzung, die das Sofa-Erlebnis perfekt abrundet."


High-quality materials and precise workmanship ensure a robust, long-lasting product that completes your sofa and will bring you a lot of joy.

A perfect complement

Designed to perfectly fit the Meester armrest, this wooden tray will add extra comfort to your sofa relaxation hours. It's the ideal addition to add that little something extra to your sofa and give your movie nights the added convenience of having a drink right next to you.