You might remember these though leather aprons from our winter edition of The Loft. Well, we recently added these to our shop and thought you might want to know the story behind the Witloft brand.


Fairly new to the market, Witloft was born in The Netherlands in 2014. After their founders decided they wanted a leather apron that would withstand the test of time – whether at home or at the workbench. Their love for the barbecue, cooking and woodworking is what spurred the initial idea behind the leather pieces. They aim to cater these to a wide audience -hence the amount of different colours in the collection, which have come to even include a green or pink apron. In case you want your work clothes to be far from underdressed. The aprons soon gave way to some nifty extras like detachable pockets, pouches and loops, so you can keep all of your tools close-by and personalise your work ensemble.