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Easy-care fabrics

Thanks to our easy-care fabric collection, you'll never have to worry about stains on your sofa again. Regardless of color and category, the entire collection is stain-resistant and super easy to clean.

Stain resistant
Sofa covers are often made from a cotton or polyester fabric and are then impregnated to make them less susceptible to stains. However, this protective layer decreases over time through use and cleaning. Our fabrics, on the other hand, are made from 100% acrylic and are stain-resistant throughout their entire fiber. No liquids are absorbed into the material and the positive properties remain.

Weaving in France

All our fabrics are produced in a weaving mill in France. It is particularly important to us to have the shortest possible, environmentally friendly transport routes for all sofa components and to avoid imports from overseas.

No fading, no pilling 
Direct sunlight has no influence on the quality of our products. The so-called light fastness is given in 8 levels (1=very low, 8=excellent). All of our fabrics perform extremely well and are classified in the highest level. This means that they will not fade and remain colorfast over the years. Pilling is also almost impossible with our fabrics. Pilling is the clumping or twisting of fibers on a textile surface. Our fabric collection only includes covers with pilling level 5 (1 = heavy pilling, 5 = little to no pilling). They are therefore the ideal combination of low pilling and high durability.

A sofa's resistance to abrasion and use is called Martindale. The higher the number of revolutions the fabric takes, the more abrasion resistant it is. A distinction is made between materials <30,000 Martindale, which are suitable for frequent private use, and >30,000 Martindale, which are also suitable for very intensive use and public areas. Our fabric collection starts with a minimum Martindale of 30,000 in category A (Nantes) and therefore already meets the highest standards.

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