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Why Made in Germany is so important to us

We consciously decided to produce in Germany. There are lots of reasons for this - we have summarized the most important 10 for you here. There is definitely some information that will surprise you and perhaps make you a little more critical when buying furniture in the future.

Product know-how
Germany is known worldwide for its construction quality. Many manufacturers are leading experts with often many decades of experience in the furniture industry and have built up a name and reputation over the years. This comes in handy when young entrepreneurs like us create new designer furniture and are looking for advice and expertise. Sharing expertise and providing guidance has avoided many mistakes and ensures we build quality furniture that will last a long time.

Healthy production
Strict rules apply to production in Germany about which raw materials can be used, where they come from and what they can contain. There's a good reason for that! For example, the production of foam is very toxic and must be done with great care and caution. Foams from Eastern Europe or Asia are often offered at an attractive low price. Apart from the generally questionable quality and durability of these materials, they also usually contain substances that are harmful to health. Certainly a quick and cost-effective solution for many companies, but it completely contradicts our values.

Unlimited transparency
The label 'Made in Europe' is not enough for us, as it often suggests that there is something to hide. We decided to do the exact opposite. We openly show what we do, how everything is done and, more importantly, who does everything. We work with real people and partners in Germany who enjoy being part of the One House family. The advantage for you: You know exactly what you are spending your money on. We have nothing to hide and provide full insight into the quality you are purchasing. The rest of the decision is yours.

Environmentally friendly
Produced locally is already a head start in the race for greater sustainability. The short distance to our suppliers not only saves time and money, but above all protects our environment. We avoid shipments all over the world, huge containers on the ocean, heavy trucks on the highways and unnecessary air freight. We prefer to do things simply, locally and well. Sometimes the good is so close.

More flexibility
Over the past few years of manufacturing and selling furniture, we have had all sorts of customer requests, from architects with large projects, to special requests, to difficult delivery targets. Are you building a house and would like your order to be delivered later than planned? Do you realize that there is actually room for an additional piece of furniture or a larger sofa? Such changes are not a problem for us due to short distances and nearby partners. We have the opportunity to discuss all of these things, offer you solutions and flexibly adjust your order. Custom-made products, your own fabrics or other special requests can usually be easily fulfilled if you speak to us directly.

Controlled quality
As a company, we keep our promise of quality. You have decided on a certain quality and a certain appearance and you should maintain this. It is therefore important that we visit our partner suppliers regularly to carry out quality checks and status updates. Because of the short distances, we can do this easily, regularly and in an environmentally friendly way. Good personal contact with our partners is essential in order to discuss current products and new opportunities and goals. Everything to ensure you get the product we promised you.

Family owned
Buying products from local brands and small businesses means buying from actual people. Typically, wages are fair and the work environment is safe, meaning employees stay for a long time and expertise continues to grow. We decided not only to start a family business ourselves, but also to source many of the things we use at One House from them. All of our collaborations and partnerships not only ensure high-quality products, but also have a story.

Directly to the customer at fair prices
A frequently asked question is how we define fair pricing. For us, fair means that the production behind the product earns what it needs to run a profitable company and pay employees fairly. No cost cutting and no pressure, just stable prices for high quality. In addition, selling directly to you as a customer allows us to save additional margins on middlemen and other companies and in this way offer you high quality at a fair price.

Best service
Even with a lot of consideration, care and extensive planning, mistakes can still occur. From delivery delays to transport damage. We always do our best to deliver flawless products. If something goes wrong, we are always happy to help. Call us or write us an email and explain the situation to us. We will make sure we find a suitable solution. Our production partners are ready to look at any problem and solve it as quickly as possible. Despite occasional service issues, we are proud of our complaint rate of under 3%.

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