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Meester Sofa 354x195 cm right

Sale price€5.970,00 EUR
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About this sofa configuration
Meester epitomizes a modern sofa. Shown here as a 1.5-seater + 1.5-seater + Large Divan, upholstered in Savant Whisper fabric. The design features clean lines and raised armrests, combined with soft cushioning that invites relaxation and offers comfort for the whole family. Thanks to its modularity, Meester is available in numerous variations. The Mix & Match modules provide you with maximum design flexibility for your spaces, and the wide selection of easy-to-care-for fabrics leaves nothing to be desired.
Meester Sofa 354x195 cm right
Meester Sofa 354x195 cm right Sale price€5.970,00 EUR

“Meester’s mission is simple and clear. A high quality, modular and timeless sofa that perfectly suits your needs.”


Starting with a solid beech frame from the Bavarian state forests, the Meester sofa stands on a sturdy frame. Based on this, several foams and Bonell springs are processed for optimal and long-lasting seating comfort. All individual parts are produced in Germany. In this way, we ensure short transport routes and thus make our contribution to environmental protection. Thanks to perfected craftsmanship, all elements are brought together to create the Meester sofa in our upholstery shop in northern Germany. Before a piece of furniture leaves production, it must have successfully passed our 360° quality check. Anyone who orders Made in Germany from us will also receive quality that is produced and tested in Germany.

1. Solid beech wood construction
2. Suspension base (Nosag)
3. Polyurethane seat pad
4. Bonell spring core
5. Flexible padding straps