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Hoogland Silestone Side Table

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About the Side Table
The minimalist Nordic design of the Hoogland product family combines the iconic steel wings with an almost floating Silestone table top. By combining two side tables, the floating effect is further enhanced. Hoogland coffee tables combine real craftsmanship with sophisticated design and high quality standards.

Silestone is a high-quality, natural and easy-care material made from minerals, quartz and recycled glass. The 20mm solid panels are manufactured in a family business in Spain. They place particular emphasis on sustainable production processes.

Hoogland Silestone Side Table
Hoogland Silestone Side Table Sale price€590,00 EUR

“Our side tables are made of wood and steel and still appear light and airy.”


The Hoogland side tables can be perfectly combined to create a slightly floating look. The design takes exactly this effect into account, which means that the tables can be placed overlapping. The round shape means you can easily walk around it and, thanks to the combination options, you can also make optimal use of small spaces.


The solid wing feet of the Hoogland product family can also be found on the side tables. There they ensure lightness without sacrificing stability. Thanks to the arrangement of the legs, there is guaranteed to be no wobbling or tipping.