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Hugs Wool Rug Black

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Hugs combines ancient craftsmanship with timeless Nordic design. It is a hand-woven carpet in black made from pure sheep's wool, made in a family weaving mill in Germany. The honeycomb structure makes it a long-lasting and easy-care carpet.

Hugs can be used on both sides and is available in 4 different natural shades and different sizes. It gives your home a pleasant and cozy feeling.

Hugs Wool Rug Black
Hugs Wool Rug Black Sale price€590,00 EUR

"Adding a rug is a great way to create a more intimate space within a room."


The sheep's wool of the Hugs carpet can store both moisture and heat thanks to its hollow structure. The fibers can also absorb odors, neutralize them and release them back into the room air. The high elasticity of the carpet also ensures that even unsightly pressure points on furniture disappear quickly. In addition, it can be used on both sides. Hugs is also ideal for underfloor heating.


100% robust New Zealand wool is used for hugs. Sheep's wool carpets are both dirt-resistant and heat-balancing and ensure a healthy living environment. Hugs is not treated with moth repellent poisons and is therefore safe for children and pets.